2019 World Malaria Day: Nothing But Nets

Elizabeth Barton

Commemorated every year on April 25th, World Malaria Day is a global effort to raise awareness and funds for the prevention of malaria. Our partner, Nothing But Nets, is working to raise $100,000 this World Malaria Day to send lifesaving malaria interventions to families in need. Join us in supporting their efforts. 

What is Nothing But Nets?

Nothing But Nets is a UN Foundation program with one goal: defeating malaria. Since its inception in 2006, Nothing But Nets has raised more than $70 million to send more than 13 million bed nets and other lifesaving tools to families at risk.

So how can malaria be defeated? The method is in the name: Nothing But Nets. Bed nets are a cost-effective and simple way to protect families from mosquitoes that carry malaria. But response doesn’t stop there: Nothing But Nets also provides additional malaria interventions such as household spraying, malaria testing and treatment, and training for community healthcare workers.

A family in Tanzania with bed nets they received on behalf of Nothing But Nets.

This year, Cotopaxi partnered with Nothing But Nets to work towards eliminating malaria within the overlooked region of Latin America and in Ecuador, specifically. Between 2000 and 2015, the number of malaria cases and deaths declined overall in the Americas, but due to a variety of factors including increases in the mosquito population, an increase in insecticide and drug resistance in various regions, and other political and economic factors, progress in Latin America is at risk. Malaria prevention in Ecuador is increasingly urgent.

Employees at the Centro de Salud San Antonio de Pichincha, a medical center, in Quito, Ecuador.

284,640 people in Ecuador currently live unprotected from malaria, but mosquitoes don’t know borders, so other neighboring populations are also at risk. Given our commitment to Ecuador and alleviating the trap of poverty through disease prevention, we want to help drive support and awareness to this issue.

Malaria medication is one of the ways Nothing But Nets fights malaria in Ecuador and elsewhere.

Supporting the work of effective organizations like Nothing But Nets and the United Nations Foundation is integral to Cotopaxi’s mission. Through our support as a partner and your generous contributions, we can help ensure that no parent needs to worry about their child dying from a mosquito bite

Help save lives and defeat malaria  by donating directly to Nothing But Nets (donations will be matched through the end of the day!), or by donating to the Cotopaxi Foundation