4 People you Need on Your Questival Team

Questival SLC participant Shannon Hall.

Putting together the right team for Questival is an undertaking of the utmost importance. Not only will you be spending at least 24 hours straight with these people, but you need each one of them to help you win.

You’ll need a mix of talents and abilities so each person can play to his or her strengths and benefit the whole group. There are four distinct players you’ll need to round out your team and ensure you have the best chance at winning. You’ll need to carefully examine your potential candidates and find each person who fits the bill.

Questival Teammates

1. The leader

Every team needs someone in charge, and it’s never an easy job. The leader needs to keep the group moving, motivate everyone when times get tough, and always have a plan for what’s going to happen next. If no one wants to backflip off the dock into that freezing cold lake, the leader must be prepared to go first. Without a successful commander-in-chief, even the best teams can crumble under the pressure.

Questival Teammates

2. The adventurer

There’s no beating around the bush – Questival has some crazy tasks, and you’re going to need someone who won’t think twice about doing them. Need to eat a cricket? Grab the adventurer. Who can choreograph a dance with a bunch of strangers at the state capital? The adventurer can. This person spends weekends hiking and rock climbing in the mountains and has skydiving on his other bucket list. You’ll never see the adventurer back down from a challenge.

Questival Teammates

3. The photographer

Once your team makes it into the top 10, you’ll only be judged on creativity and quality of photos, so you’re going to need someone who can make that happen. The photographer should have a phone with portrait mode and at least three backup chargers ready to go at all times. This position requires attention to detail – always knowing where the totem is and making sure it’s in every photo – and a creative mind to turn your ordinary Questival tasks into eye-popping, winning entries.

Questival Teammates

4. The mom

Someone needs to be there to take care of everyone, especially when you’re on a 24-hour adventure race with little sleep and little food. The mom packs a cooler of snacks and Gatorade for the trunk of the car, carries a first aid kit, and routinely checks on each team member to see how they’re holding up. If someone’s falling behind on a hike, the mom will hang back to walk with him or her and offer some words of encouragement. You know that the mom also has the most friends who can be enticed to download the Llama Judge app and propel your team to victory.

So, which of your friends will make the cut? It’s time to get them on board and start formulating your plan to take home the gold. Find the next Questival in your city, and we’ll see you and your team there.