9 Reasons Why Questival Is Worthy of Your Bucket List

You could stick to doing the same old stuff you usually do on weekends. Or you could do Questival.

Cotopaxi Questival in San Fran.

Are you ready for adventure? If you need some convincing to have a good time read below. Otherwise, carpe diem and register for Questival today!

1. Cotopaxi Questival is an excuse to break from the ordinary.

You could stick to doing the same stuff you usually do on weekends, like visiting the same restaurants, hitting up the same parties, and chiseling away at your never ending to-do list. Or you could just say no! “We want to give people the chance to have an adventure and do good,” says Cotopaxi Event Director Flip Chavez. “Questival gets people out of their comfort zones.” So go ahead, try something extraordinary. And the next time you find yourself at one of those lame weekend parties, you’ll definitely have something to talk about. “Once the participants finish, they’re just exhausted and happy and filled with instant nostalgia,” says Flip.

Cotopaxi Questival

2. Questival is a choose your own adventure story—except it’s real life.

Thanks to the magical Questival app, you can use the virtual world to guide you to experience the real world in incredible ways. It’s the perfect harmony of yin and yang, making it a recipe for a one-of-a-kind adventure.  “Everything in the app enhances the experience and does so in a non-distracting way,” says Questival app mastermind Matt McArthur. “It makes the [race] process intuitive, fair, and fun.”

Cotopaxi Questival participants complete a challenge in the San Francisco 2014 Questival.

3. You’ll get to know your city on a whole new level.

Been living in your city since the day you were born? Questival is still bound to surprise you. “Even if they’re a local, we want to introduce something new and exciting to them,” says Flip. Whether it’s a hiking trail you never knew existed or finally making it to that famous landmark, adventure is hiding all around you.

Llama selfies are all the rage during Questival.

4. Lots and lots of llama bonding time.

Llamas, llamas, and more llamas means llama selfies for everyone. Our llamas are well acquainted with being photographed, so they’ll handle being in your selfie like the professional models that they are. Feel free to frame yours. Or enshrine it.

Cotopaxi Questival

5. Questival is the ideal rehabilitation for screen zombies.

Free yourself from the mesmerizing glow of pixels and find out what it means to truly be alive! Get out of your house, away from your Netflix account, and into the world where real life is waiting. Give your thumbs a rest from all that scrolling, liking, tweeting, and swiping right in order to do something that will require all of yourself. “That’s where those real memories are made, outside the tech bubble that we so often live in,” says Cotopaxi Event Director Seth King.

DOING GOOD during the Cotopaxi Questival.

6. Get outside yourself.

Not only will you get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer, but you’ll also have the chance to get outside of the bubble of your life. With challenges ranging from volunteering at a charity to visiting a nursing home, Questival will have you forgetting yourself and remembering others. “Even just one challenge can make a change and help others, ” says Flip. For example, one single challenge from the Las Vegas Questival generated over 2,000 pounds of food for the local food bank Three Square.

Cotopaxi Questival 2014

7. Create new friendships and deepen existing ones.

There is a special bond that comes from doing outrageous things together like having a banana fight with a security guard, galavanting across state lines, and sleeping under the stars. It’s a type of bond that doesn’t come any other way. So, choose your team wisely. These will be the people that you’ll come to know very well. Perhaps even a little too well . . .

Llama llama llama

8. Join the Cotopaxi family.

Questival is not just another event, it’s an expression of who Cotopaxi is. It’s like a birthday party at our house that’s actually for you. “There’s a genuine feeling of goodness. It’s tied in with the brand,” says Seth King. As part of your initiation into the Cotopaxi family, we’ll deck you out with fake tattoos, a Luzon pack, llama decals, and tasty sustenance to fuel your adventure. Once you’ve got the gear, you’re part of the club. “There’s an instant bond when you see someone else with the same backpack on,” says Flip. 

Llama love at Questival.

9. Make enough memories in 24 hours to last a thousand lifetimes.

Ok, maybe not a thousand lifetimes, but definitely one. Questival is a concentrated dose of life itself, and you’ll experience things non-stop that you wouldn’t experience any other way. “The participants really don’t know what to expect going in,” says Matt. “But they all come away with their own unique adventure.” Our dream is that your experience won’t stop once Questival is over. “Hopefully when you do Questival, it will inspire you to keep adventuring,” says Flip. “We want it to be a kicking off point for people.”

Cotopaxi Questival requires teamwork!

Still on the fence? Check out the FAQ to learn more. Feeling overwhelmed with life’s greatest questions, like what kind of llama you would be in another life? Take this quiz.

We’ll see you out there.

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