A Year in Review

This year at Cotopaxi….

We’re always evolving and growing here at Cotopaxi, but the biggest event of the year here was the launch of the Cotopaxi Foundation. At our five year anniversary, our big-hearted CEO, Davis Smith, decided it was imperative to protect our legacy and formalize our commitment to the 1% pledge. So, we launched a foundation that ties 1% of our profits to our mission to help address poverty in the Americas. We want you, our customers, to know that we mean what we say, and that our impact and yours is here to stay.

To date, we’ve awarded 46 grants in 6 focus countries, totaling more than 1 million dollars. We want to take a moment to applaud our impact partners, who are ultimately the ones on the ground, day-in and day-out, moving the needle forward. International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, Nothing but Nets, and Escuela Nueva–thank you. You are heroes.

In just half a year, 5,000 individual customers have donated $50,000 through the Cotopaxi Foundation, which is on its way to provide hygiene supplies to refugees, support education in Latin America, prevent the spread of Malaria in Ecuador, and respond to the Venezuelan refugee crisis. 

Beyond giving here are few things that went down this year at Cotopaxi.

Two of our customers did us the honor of featuring the Allpa on their wedding toppers. 

We held intense diplomatic negotiations with our factory suppliers during an arcade game tournament. 

Thanks to our friends in sustainability, Flexport and, we launched our carbon offset program.

And, we visited our down sanctuaries in rural China and saw the love and care shown by Allied Down family farmers to animals and the environment.

We also fulfilled 115,000 orders, carried out elaborate internal pranks, spent a lot of time scrambling up mountains, and came together to appreciate our amazing customers. 

You — yeah YOU! — are ultimately the force behind our mission, our impact, and our team. We freaking love you. Thanks for believing in us and joining us on our journey. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Don’t forget to DO GOOD. 

xoxo – Team Cotopaxi