Best of Oktoberquest Seattle

Some of our favorites from Oktoberquest Seattle.

Congratulations! You came, you saw, you’ve done things you’d never do alone—you’ve completed the Questival Adventure Race. You’re now part of the exclusive club of questers that have eaten bugs, camped, and hugged strangers, and a lot more….all within 24 hours. While there were many hilarious and heart-warming challenge submissions, here are some of our favorites from Oktoberquest Seattle.  Want to see the rest? Check out the challenges here.

Take a fun 5.2 mile hike up to Mt. Pilchuck.

Share a large gourd as a team, carefully create a helmet from the gourd.

Everyone on your team eats one raw clove of garlic each. #foryourhealth

Get in full ski or snowboard gear and lay out in your yard as if you were tanning.


While camping in the wilderness come up with a SUPER clever way of roasting one of your marshmallows for your s’more.