Best of Questival Portland

Some of our favorites from Questival Portland.

Congratulations! You came, you saw, you’ve done things you’d never do alone—you’ve completed the Questival Adventure Race. You’re now part of the exclusive club of questers that have eaten bugs, crossed state lines, and hugged strangers, and a lot more….all within 24 hours. While there were many hilarious and heart-warming challenge submissions, here are some of our favorites from Questival Portland. Want to see the rest? Check out the challenges here.

Choreograph a team dance and perform it with audible music in a crowded area.:

No Sleep Till..

Queen Pellinore and the Questing Beasts



Hike to the end of Warrior Point Hike on Sauvie Island

The Brain Trust

Give flowers to a stranger:

Because Mom said so!

Save the drama for your llama 👸

Brush your teammate’s teeth for them, turn the water off whilst brushing. (save water, what what!).

Band of Smoreses

Perform your best belly flop at a public pool.

Blue Barracudas

Magically Delish-Us

Craft a canoe out of cardboard and float a teammate in it.

Team Gryffindor

Just Alpacas


Everyone on your team eats one raw clove of garlic each. #foryourhealth

For Mohamed Nagasaki

Go to a restaurant serving food from a country you’ve never been to, and eat a dish you’ve never heard of. Be honest, really try something new and make it count.

Questettes– Looks tasty!

15 Second Commercial for Portland


Dream Team

Research the symptoms of heat stroke then make a 15-sec video sharing how to spot the symptoms.

Rest Later

Share a meal over a campfire.

Llamaste & Conquestadors

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