Best of Questival Denver 2017

Congratulations! You came, you saw, you’ve done things you’d never do alone—you’ve completed the Questival Adventure Race. You’re now part of the exclusive club of questers that have eaten bugs, crossed state lines, and hugged strangers, and a lot more….all within 24 hours. While there were many hilarious and heart-warming challenge submissions, here are some of our favorites from Questival Denver.

Choreograph a team dance and perform it with audible music in a crowded area.:

Team Uff-da

Make a 15 second team intro video as if you were the stars of an 80″s or 90’s sitcom.

The Dolly Llamas

Give flowers to a stranger:

Team 3 Dog Hike

Dance on the ceiling.:



I took Viagra so I could stay up for this race

Show us your best team roller skating dance moves in a venue of your choosing, make it fabulous.:


Get help from strangers and spell “QUESTIVAL” using one human body as each of the letters.




Craft a canoe out of cardboard and float a teammate in it.

New phone, who dis?

Bad & Boujee

Have two team members dress up as your parents, and recreate a pivotal moment from your childhood. Dig deep.:

Bad Boys on Board Games

Create and complete your own creative Food Challenge.

We are calling this “no bowl no problem” challenge! #questival

15 Second Commercial for Denver