Behind the Design: Apparel Made in Portland

Cotopaxi’s apparel is manufactured in Tianjin, China, and Portland, Oregon. Each factory has different specialities that enable our product to be designed and produced with innovative methods and the most advanced fabrics available.

Apparel made in Portland.

Our Portland factory is located in the Northeast neighborhood and is where the Portland Collection is produced. Cheri Sanguinetti, Cotopaxi’s director of apparel, finds that working with the Portland factory and its employees provides countless opportunities that would be difficult to conduct overseas. For example, “Cotopaxi’s innovative development process is short and nimble, so it’s much quicker to have products made and shipped from the U.S.,” says Sanguinetti.

Furthermore, Portland itself is a unique, progressive city that inspires the new collection.“We are making product for those who value change, innovation, and being on the cutting edge,” she says.

Apparel made in Portland.


Apparel made in Portland.

Jennifer Diana, our counterpart at JLD Studios in Portland, has been working in the apparel industry for 15 years. She moved to Portland and started building her own client base, which eventually turned into JLD Studios. Like many founders of startups, she often plays several roles such as accountant, designer, sewer, and more. “It’s fun and different every day,” says Diana. “The dynamic environment is rejuvenating and makes us all excited to come to work every day.”

Diana is Sanguinetti’s go-to for pattern making, fitting, sublimation printing, and production. “Working with Cotopaxi is great, and it’s exciting to play a pivotal role in bringing sportswear to Cotopaxi’s product selection,” she says.

Apparel made in Portland.

Fabric and Patterns

Portland is home to many local fabric suppliers that have a variety of new and repurposed fabrics. It’s these suppliers that have provided repurposed fabric used in the original Aguateca and the Erindi. Since each colorway is based on available materials, these products are always limited editions.

“Being sustainable in our business practices is a huge priority for us. Using remnant fabric limits waste and allows us to be thought leaders in an innovative manufacturing process,” says Sanguinetti.

Apparel made in Portland.

Finally, it means a lot to us to have product produced in the United States. Manufacturing in the U.S. supports our economy, and the products that are produced support our grantees and their respective economies.