Creating Solutions

Utah has an opportunity to be a leader in protecting our public lands.

Words by Cotopaxi CEO Davis Smith

As a Utah-born outdoor company, we love this state. Utah has five national parks and eight national monuments and a history of protecting, loving, and enjoying these wild places. Outdoor recreation in Utah supports 122,000 jobs and drives $12 billion in annual consumer spending. Over the last two decades, Utah has hosted the Outdoor Retailer show, which drives $45 million into our local economy each year.

Regrettably, our state is at risk of losing the Outdoor Retailer show, which would be devastating to the state and to the 1,000+ outdoor companies based in Utah. One of Cotopaxi’s core values is adventure, and we want to ensure these public lands are available for us and following generations to recreate in. Our employees come from across the political spectrum, but we are united in our belief that we need to protect our public lands.

Outdoor Retailer has contributed significantly to the reputation and economy of our state, while also bringing people from around the world to explore and experience all that Utah has to offer. If Outdoor Retailer leaves Utah, it undermines this progress and directly impacts Cotopaxi and our employees. Nobody believes in Utah more than we do. In an effort to build a thriving ecosystem for businesses while protecting the beautiful places we live and work, let us work together to create solutions. We encourage our state leaders and peers in the outdoor industry to come together and engage in conversation with the goal of developing a mutually agreeable solution.

Cotopaxi stands in support of the Bears Ears Monument together with others in the outdoor industry. We believe the handling of Bears Ears will set precedent for future public lands decisions in the West and beyond. Utah has an opportunity to be a leader in protecting our public lands. Let’s seize that opportunity.