Hello, Sunshine

Welcoming the summer solstice.

Words and photos by Monique Seitz-Davis

On June 20th, at approximately 10:24 p.m. (Mountain Time), the summer solstice begins. Technically, the majority of us don’t get to reap its benefits until at least 5:45 a.m., but you know, logistics aside. The summer solstice marks the day that the Earth is most inclined toward the sun, meaning the Earth and its inhabitants are gifted with the longest amount of daylight we’ll see all year. That’s pretty impressive when you think about it, especially considering the sheer amount of activities you can do with an extra couple of hours. So, we figured we’d write a little love note, an ode if you will, to our one and only sun.

My Dear Sunshine,

In both a literal and proverbial sense, you are my one and only. You are the reason for my waking and slumber, my rise and fall. My very life is emboldened and made possible by your grace. Without you, plants would fail to grow, animals would cease to wake, and I, I would shrivel without your regard. And to think, that one could have such a lovely and interconnected relationship without ever having met? The thought of it burns and blisters my very soul, and I speculate that your touch might do the same should we ever encounter one another in a more intimate setting. I’ve been hard on you as of late, with humankind’s general disregard for environmental changes and whatnot, and in turn you’ve been hard on us. I suppose that’s the nature of relationships, prone to fits of rage and ill will. However, you stay on; your commitment is unlike anything I have ever experienced, and for that I’d like to say thank you. Your ceaseless love and adoration does not go unnoticed, my Sunshine.

While I am not the most adept morning person, you endeavor and beckon me to wake and be the best version of myself. At times, I find myself taking you for granted, wishing that I could steal away one more hour of sleep before it’s time to jet off to work. But, then I consider the consequences of what that would look like. Not an Ice Age or a Day After Tomorrow, but a world with one less hour. Well, it’s otherwise known as winter and it has its perks and its downfalls. Despite my best efforts, I’m simply not myself when I’m deprived of your sunny rays. Not to mention, the vegetable and fresh fruit choices are pretty deplorable when you’re not around. Though, don’t get too excited, because a little bit of shady weather can do us a world of good, too.

At any rate, you make it possible for me to do the very things that I love to do and in part make up my very essence. So when I say “without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” I mean it. Without your dependable presence, I’d be lost, wandering around in the proverbial and literal dark. I’d be without the steep mountains, rolling hills, dusty trails, fresh fruit, vegetables, or dare I say, companionship. That being said, I did just Google “do blind salamanders have friends?” simply to reinforce my statement with some semblance of science, and alas, I have turned up empty-handed. But you, sunshine, you won’t laugh at me for searching such a ridiculous question. In fact, you’ll just shine a light on me, warming my heart and soul, and remind me that I’m only human.

Love always,
Your Number One Fan