5 Adventure Cats You Should Be Following

Mikayla Robertson

This week, the internet rejoices for its most beloved animal holiday, National Cat Day! Here are five adventure cats guaranteed to make you want to bring your pet along for the ride.

1) Meet Millie. She’s seen more canyons and dunes than most humans.

We had lot of reasons to not go exploring this weekend. Glad we ignored them.

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2) Here’s Bolt and Keel, rescue cats and brothers that kindly accompany their humans on hiking, kayaking, and sailing outings.

3) Magic, the rescued adventure kitten who seems to be adjusting to the lifestyle quite seamlessly.

I’m feline pretty cozy in this tent 🐱🏕☺️ #happycamper

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4) Meet Burma. His distinguished appearance proves it—he’s been everywhere, man.

Cascade mountain Our second Adirondack high peak : )

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5) Here’s Eevee. You can find her in trees, down by the river, or riding shotgun in a red truck.

Eevee has on her new “seat belt” in this photo. It’s made by @kurgo. Some of you in the past have mentioned the safety issue with her being loose in the truck while driving and I finally found a solution. It’s hard to find products that fit cats (and ones that fit them comfortably) but this one is perfect. It’s completely adjustable and super sturdy. It comes with a loop that you clip your seat belt through to hold her in place and the front of the harness is padded slightly. I haven’t had a reason to test it yet, and let’s hope it stays that way. Thanks to those of you that care enough to say something. It’s an issue that I’ve always had on my mind while driving with her, but like I said, finding products for cats can be difficult. It is a huge peace of mind knowing she is safe now though. #kurgo The product name is the “Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness”

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If you’re ready to take on a furry feline companion, remember that there are hundreds of cats waiting to be adopted at your local Humane Society, shelter, or rescue group. You might just find a friend with as much wanderlust as you!