One Tree at a Time – Announcing our Carbon Offsetting Program

If you follow the news, chances are you’ve seen some alarming stories about the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. 100,000 fires tore across the Amazon this year, destroying over 2 million acres of precious forest. Much of this damage was man-made–caused by private companies clearing forest land for agricultural and commercial production. It’s time to make a change. 

Back up: what do fires in the Amazon have to do with us at Cotopaxi? Well, we think climate change is a big problem, and we don’t want to contribute to it. Beyond environmental concerns, climate change is one of the leading causes of poverty. 

87% of people in extreme poverty live in fragile ecosystems and contend with negative climate events like fires, droughts, floods, and weather disasters. In these regions, climate events disrupt services, progress, and trade. This is where reforestation and clean energy alternatives come to bear. 

At Cotopaxi, we thought long and hard about how we contribute to the problem and how we could become part of the solution. Enter our new carbon offsetting partnership with Flexport and the

Near the city of Curzeiro do Sul in Brazil, there are no fires. Here you see an abundance of biodiversity–birds, bugs, and sky-high trees fill the horizon. Thanks to Carbon Fund over 70,000 acres of forest exist under strict protection and trees are planted and re-introduced every day, mitigating billions of pounds of carbon emissions. 

Cotopaxi now proudly supports this project, and we will offset 100% of our bulk shipping going forward. This is only one step to correct climate change, but we want to make sure we’re walking the walk.