Questival Does Good

Many Questival challenges revolve around doing acts of service to improve the community and bring smiles to people’s faces. Below are just a few numbers to represent all of the good that was done in 2017.

  • Over $53,000 was donated to Cotopaxi’s grantees, the International Rescue Committee, and hundreds of ‘Messages of Hope’ were written and shared with the community.

Team Esoterra from Questival Boston

  • Around $11,000 was donated to Cotopaxi’s grantees, Nothing But Nets, and awareness of the severity of malaria was spread.
  • Over 500,000 pieces of trash were picked up from parks, beaches and communities, and disposed properly!
  • Over 1,500 hours were volunteered at local organizations by Questival teams outside of Questival events.
  • Around 750L of blood were donated to local blood banks.

Your mom loves Q St from Questival Sacramento

  • Over 5,000 random acts of kindness were completed.
  • Over 2,300 letters were mailed to veterans and elected officials.
  • Over 50,000 peopled pledged to DO GOOD!

Pledge from Oktoberquest Denver.
Pledge from Oktoberquest Denver.