Questival Preflight Plan

Tips to help you prepare for your Questival adventure.

Your best friends. 24 hours. 300+ challenges. Welcome to the Cotopaxi Questival, an adventure race that challenges you to build friendships, challenge yourself, and experience your surroundings. While you won’t receive the challenge list until the Thursday night before the race, there are still several things you can do to ensure that you and your team are prepared for whatever might come your way.

  1. Build Your Team
    • Questival teams range anywhere from 2 to 6 people, but we argue that more people are more fun. Round up some of your closest friends, colleagues, or family members to fill up your team. Looking to add people? We recommend posting on the Facebook Page for each event.
  1. Download the App
    • Download the Questival App. The app features some pre-event challenges, so check these off prior to the event for some extra points! (For 2017 events, the app is being refreshed. It will be available mid February 2017.)
  1. Team Identity
    • There’s nothing better than getting creative to show your team pride. Costumes? Totem? Matching T-shirts? Face paint? Get creative—we usually host a costume contest during the festival, and you’ll want to be prepared.
  1. Get Plenty of Sleep the Night Before
    • While we do encourage you to sleep (the app is shut down between 1-5AM), we recommend being rested for the event start. You’re about to have an action-packed 24 hours—you don’t want to get worn out too fast!
  1. Charge Your Devices
    • You will use your mobile devices to upload photos once you complete challenges, and you’ll also judge other teams’ challenges. We recommend you and your team have charged devices, and have a car charger or portable battery charger for the trip. Alternatively, plan a stop at home to charge up (your phones & your bodies)!
  1. Reserve a Campsite
    • If you’re planning on camping, we recommend reserving a campsite prior to race week. Many campsites fill up quickly on weekends, especially during the warmer months.
  1. Check the Weather
    • Check the weather and pack appropriately. It never hurts to have a rain jacket handy if weather rolls in!