Questival: What To Pack

Words by Gretchen Powers. Follow her adventures here!

Cotopaxi’s Questival is the adventure race for everyone. It takes you out of your comfort zone, and challenges encourage you and your team to ‘choose your own adventure’. Whether you are into outdoor adventures, fitness or food, the challenge list will have something for everyone.

So how do you prepare for an event you know you’ll never be prepared for? This past summer the Powers Posse met up the Thursday before the event to do some serious list making and map referencing to figure out our battle plan so we could prioritize the challenges that would give us the most points, while also playing to our strengths as a team. When the day arrived we were geared up for the Questival Portland, ME with matching bandanas, extra socks, and a thermos (or five) of coffee. While not all were necessities, they helped us tackle obstacle with vigor. We’ve put together a list of a few other “necessities” you might want to make sure you have handy when you tackle your city’s adventure race.

Questival: What To Pack

Necessities (Most of which you can conveniently pack in your Questival Luzon backpack):

  • Battery Packs and car chargers a plenty
  • Camping gear if you know you’ll be sleeping under the stars (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, camp stove, hammock, cookware, eatware)
  • Snacks – and cash to buy snacks on the go. A tired body is a hungry body.
  • Caffeine in any form in your favorite mug-to-go
  • Extra socks
  • Sun protection of every kind: Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Ball Cap
  • Towel- you never know when you’ll want to jump in the ocean, or when your pup is going to find a stream
  • So much water – you don’t have time to get a dehydration headache in the 24 hours
  • Technical layers- you don’t know what the night and day will bring, and regulating temperature in and out of the backcountry is key.
  • Pack what you need to complete the challenges you select. You’ll receive the challenge list 24 hours in advance, so meet up with your team and plan away! Want to complete challenge #226- ‘Go Urban Hammocking?’ Then make sure you pack your hammock. Do you fish? Then pack your fishing gear to complete challenge 89- ‘Catch a fish in a natural body of water.’
Questival: What To Pack

Things you don’t really need but are going to work into the day anyways:

  • That groovy playlist your sister made for you
  • Team temporary tattoos
  • That Cotopaxi t-shirt you’ve almost worn through but is too comfy to toss
  • Twizzlers- who says a sugar rush during the 19th hour of the race isn’t perfectly called for?
  • Warm drinks to share by the campfire
  • Maple flavored marshmallows for the best s’mores ever (and any other ingredients you love. There are always s’mores challenges.)
  • A team mascot (Our pup Ella came along for many of the adventures)

Questival: What To Pack

Non-material objects:

  • Secret handshake
  • A good sense of humor and sense of adventure
  • Patience – remember to take deep breaths
  • Words of encouragement – it takes guts to put yourself out there and do crazy silly things so make sure you’re lifting each other up
  • Lots and Lots of Hugs