Snack Attack

5 snacks for your next outdoor adventure. Try our favorite energy bars or make your own trail mix.

Words and photos by Aicacia Young, RDN

Whether you’re hiking, cycling, climbing, or skiing, you’re bound to get hungry on your next outdoor adventure. And unless you want to get hangry, it’s best to pack a nutritious adventure snack for the road.

So what does your body need on a daytrip?

The best snack you can pack for yourself is REAL FOOD! That means: homemade sandwich, wrap, burrito, apple with peanut butter, or dehydrated meat snacks. The more real food you eat, the more your body will thank you later. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way of the perfect meal plan; so if you don’t have time to prepare real food, consider these healthy store-bought alternatives.

Munk Pack

If you haven’t tried a Munk Pack yet, you’re really missing out. These resealable pouches contain some of the tastiest oatmeal and fruit concoctions that you will ever eat. These are #1 on my list because they’re incredibly convenient vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO snacks without any added sugars. Instead, Munk Packs are sweetened with real fruit—the way nature intended. Munk Pack is also a member of 1% For The Planet, a global movement of companies who donate at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide.

PROBAR Meal Bars

Another great option for an outdoor snack is the PROBAR meal replacement bars. I have literally tried 85% of the bars on the market, and I still believe that PROBARs are some of the best. If you’re tired of the chewy date texture of most energy bars, then you need to get your hands on some PROBARs. The Meal bars provide over 300 calories of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and protein to help you refuel for your adventure. These bars contain much more sugar than the other options, so they’re best eaten before or during some form of exercise.

Hornby Island Energy Bars (Canada only)

If you live in Canada, lucky you! If you’re headed out on an adventure, I would highly recommend buying ALL of the Hornby Island Energy Bars you can get your hands on, specifically the Carob flavor. If you haven’t tried one yet, these bars literally only contain 6 ingredients: rolled oats, peanut butter, honey, coconut, carob, and sea salt. This would be my #1 energy bar, but they’re only available in Canada, and we all know that shipping across the border costs a fortune. They honestly taste like those no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies from the ’90s—so good!

Granilla Bar

If you’re following more of a grain-free, paleo diet, look no further than the Granilla Bar. This grain-free energy bar is the best paleo bar that has ever graced my mouth. They even make a nut-free bar for those of you with nut allergies, and it happens to be my absolute favorite flavor, the Sunbutter Brownie. They also have vegan bars that are sweetened with maple syrup instead of honey. These are truly the real deal, but only available online—unless you’re lucky enough to live near Point Pleasant, New Jersey, where the company relocated. The only downside is that they’re so fresh, they can start to crumble in the heat, so I would recommend eating them for breakfast or packing them with you on a winter adventure.

Gorilly Goods

If nuts are more your style, you will absolutely love the snack packs from Gorilly Goods. They make a variety of spiced fruit and nut mixes, including my all-time favorite: the Savory Pumpkin Seeds & Kale. It’s truly addicting. You have to try these flavors!

Speaking of trail mix, it’s a super easy snack to prepare at home. Want to take a stab at it? Try my favorite recipe below.

Cacao Crunch Trail Mix

2 cups cashews

¾ cup pumpkin seeds

1 cup walnuts

3 tablespoons Navitas cacao nibs

2 tablespoons Navitas goji berries or dried cherries

Note: See an ingredient you don’t like? No problem. Just substitute it for something you love ☺ Add whatever you like. Get crazy. Get excited. But most importantly, get outside.

Snack Attack

Snack Attack