Why We Do Good

Cotopaxi was born out a love of humanity and an urgent desire to see the end of poverty. Each employee enriches our culture of giving and brings their own unique story, motivation and passion to the team. We invite you to cozy up to a fire, meet a few of our team members, and learn a bit about the passion that drives our brand.

Cotopaxi was born out a love of humanity and an urgent desire to see the end of poverty. Each employee enriches our culture of giving and brings their own unique story, motivation and passion to the team. We are thrilled with the impact we’ve been able to achieve so far and look forward to expanding our giving as we continue to grow.


Osongo, a young boy from Rural Kenya.

“Osongo is a little boy – one of many who lives in a small hut on a goat path in rural Kenya. His individuality can sometimes get lost to terms. He has been defined as an orphan, living in extreme poverty, malnourished, chronically ill, physically abused, lacking access to school and proper care. Osongo, like millions of others, faces real problems and has acute needs, but to me, this six year old’s radiant smile is testament to his tenacity, resilience, hope, and strength. He is brimming with dreams, ideas, and love. The power of compassion and community to overcome adversity and injustice absolutely drives me. I work toward a world where everyone has freedom and agency.” – Lindsey Kneuven, Chief Impact Officer


“As an immigrant from Bosnia i Herzegovina, I can understand the hardships that life puts in your way, and how just tiny acts of goodness can make an incredible difference in someone’s life. All over the world, people are going through struggles much harder than the ones I currently face today, and that gives me all the reason to make a difference. I have always believed in the power of a small act of kindness, from something as simple as a smile to spending your time volunteering for a cause you believe in. There’s beauty in simplicity. The opportunity to do good is all around you.” –Ahmed Hamza, Accountant


“Standing in the middle of what was left of Pisco, Peru after the 2007 earthquake- seeing the remains of what used to be businesses, churches, and homes- I knew that I wanted to grow up and help people rebuild or build for the first time. You never forget the faces of people who know that they lack something; employment, education, opportunity or just the peace of mind that comes from knowing when you will eat next. What drives me most to be apart of Cotopaxi are the faces of the lives we can help through education, clean water, and that opportunity to build that peace of mind.” – Casey Yardley, Operations Associate




Children at school in Peru. Photo by Hannah Eckert.


“I have a passion for people. The human’s ability to love, empathize, learn, and discover is a constant inspiration and source of happiness in my life. Through education and travels,  I’ve had the opportunity to meet beautiful people from many walks of life, as well as grow to understand some of the complex political, social, and economic issues that create extreme inequality in our world. I do good because I want everyone to have the opportunity to dream, laugh, and innovate. I believe brands have a phenomenal amount of economic and social capital, which when focused, have the potential to really make a positive impact in this world.” –Allison Boyd, Marketing Project Manager


“I was raised in a household where the emphasis was what you could do for others rather than what others could do for you. This was instilled in us at a young age and continued to be a pillar of our family as we strived to try and give more than we could. Growing up in a small town in rural Vermont doesn’t necessarily lend a lot of opportunity for exposure to global issues but it does build a strong sense of community. Communities are extremely important both locally and globally, that’s my inspiration to do good.” –Ethan White, Field Marketing Manager


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One of CJ’s many drawings of people that have impacted his life.

I love people. As an artist, I spend a lot of time figure drawing. Through artwork, I learned there are no ugly people in this world. I’ve met beautiful people, many which are experiencing a harder life than I am. From living in inner-city Milwaukee, traveling through Tonga, and working in the Philippines and Bangladesh, I’ve witnessed complete poverty and lack of security. For example, I’ve walked the same streets that girls are often walking when abducted and sold into the sex trade. I can’t not do anything.” –CJ Whittaker, VP of Product Design


We hope these stories provide a glimpse into our inspiration and hopes. Our giving is rooted in our experiences and our desire for real, meaningful change. We achieve our vision for a better, more sustainable world by focusing on the root causes of poverty. We’d love to hear what drives you to #DoGood.